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Seth Reid has an unexpected visitor who may not be from our world.

A mysterious, pale girl who shows up at the local pool, turns out to be a Viking named Osma from one of the Four Worlds of Life. She beckons Seth to return and help Madidus—a world covered in half-water and half-ice that is being invaded by dark shadows. The only ones who can stop the shadows are the Mer—an entire civilization that’s been frozen in stone for hundreds of years.

Before Seth can unlock the mystery of the Mer, Osma goes missing. He seeks her out in the Void—the one place he swore never to return. There, the dark figure shows Seth that the board members have been keeping a secret from the descendants—a deadly one. But can Seth trust his dark counterpart?

Seth begins to doubt the friendships he’s forged, questioning even the honesty of the Board Members who seem to give him only as much information as they feel he needs to know. If he doesn’t free the Mer, then Madidus will be lost. But if he frees Madidus, what will he have to sacrifice in return?

And if Seth believes the darkness, then who is the real traitor?

Praise for The Missing Guardian

"I ADORED THIS BOOK!! Not only was it fast-paced and action-orientated, it also focused on the strength of family and team work. The writing is easy to read and flows nicely and the world building is great! I went into this story without knowing anything and I was pleasantly surprised. Each page has me wanting to keep reading."

-- Stephanie, Amazon Reviewer

"THE MISSING GUARDIAN by Melanie McFarlane is a fast-paced, whimsical adventure sure to satisfy any young fantasy-lover! Seth's journey intertwines a tale of the classic light vs dark struggle with relatable themes of dealing with grief, growing up, and the true strength of a family's love."

- Nicole Conway, Bestselling Author of THE DRAGONRIDER CHRONICLES

"McFarlane creates an imaginative and daring adventure sure to delight youngreaders! A place where dreams are born, and courage is ignited."

- S.A. Larsen, Award Winning Author of MOTLEY EDUCATION


Colouring Page

Created by Ashley Nicole Conway:


Quiz: What Kind of Guardian Are You?



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