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I was first drawn to writing stories at the age of 10.  I remember keeping a small notebook and writing a ton of short stories about young girls on adventures (I was very inspired by Little House on the Prairie, Nancy Drew, and Anne of Green Gables back then).  When I was in Grade 10 I was obsessed with poetry, Shakespeare, and all things a teen writer's world revolves around (teen romance, angst, insecurity, etc). Perhaps that's why I have an incredible love for YA fiction. 


In high school I had the honour of having Gary Hyland as an English teacher.  He taught me that there was a network of authors I could connect with and told me to keep on writing.  It wasn't until fifteen years later when I reconnected with him just before his passing that he told me it was never too late to be a writer.  I never forgot that.

"Writing fiction is fascinating work but it is work and it can be learned." - Gary Hyland


I believe in perfecting the craft of writing, and blog about it on my website.  Stretch your boundaries. Push your limits. Work hard.  Write better.  You can teach yourself.  


I am a member of the Sask Writer's Guild, CANSCAIP, and SCWBI. In the past I have been Vice-President of the Prairie Pens, and was the co-founder MJ Night Writers. I am a supporter of local writing festivals such as, Festival of Words and When Words Collide.

Classes Offered In:


Young Adult Fiction

Teen Fiction Writing

Indie Author Support

Building an Online Platform

Self Publishing for Newbies

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